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Our School Vision


At Velmead, we firmly believe that …

Together Everyone Achieves More

School Staff, Parents, other Home Adults and Children working together as a TEAM is the best way to ensure a child achieves their very best. At Velmead, we have set out the responsibilities for each party to ensure that we work together effectively.

All school adults have a responsibility to provide:

Excellence with Care – Velmead Adults

School adults will act as role models for all children in the way they interact, encourage, learn and present themselves.


We will:

*Provide engaging, challenging and broad learning experiences in line with year group expectations.
* Monitor children’s progress to ensure appropriate resources are used to accelerate learning.
* Promote enjoyment of life-long learning through a range of enrichment weeks and extra-curricular activities.
* Set regular homework in line with the school’s policy.
* Keep parents informed through: Parent, Teacher, Child Meetings; End of Year Reports; Head Teacher and Year Group Newsletters; Project Letters; Planners and the School Website.


We will:

*Support children to develop in line with the Velmead Values: being the best they can be.
*Provide a nurturing and caring environment where children feel safe and want to contribute.
*Have an open dialogue with parents / home adults to celebrate successes; to work in partnership on identified targets; to respond to parental requests / concerns in a timely manner.

Children’s Responsibilities

As children at Velmead we value ourselves and respect differences in others. We a re polite, responsible, reliable, honest and trustworthy. I will come to school to:-

  • co-operate with and care for others, showing kindness and respect for them and their property;
  • listen to adults and do as I am asked;
  • do my best to learn, improve my skills  and become more responsible;
  • become an independent thinker, able to express my views and feelings appropriately and seek help or advice;
  • communicate, make friends, have fun and be safe;
  • look after the school environment and equipment, and help my teachers;
  • prepare for my future life as a responsible citizen by actively contributing to the school community.

Parent Responsibilities

We expect all parents and home adults to work in partnership with school staff to promote a happy and successful school life. To achieve this we expect that you will:

Work Together

  • Trust us
    The children are at the centre of all decisions that we make: school adults work hard to support all children’s academic and social development, whilst keeping them safe at school.
  • Engage with us
    A TEAM dialogue at Parent, Teacher, Child meetings is the best way to ensure positive outcomes for your child.
    Please read the newsletter and respond to letters - ask if you are unsure.
  • Confide in us
    If home situations change, please let us know; even small changes can affect a child’s performance and attention in school.
  • Talk to us
    If you are concerned, please speak to your child’s class teacher as soon as possible to work together to support your child.

Support Learning

  • Quality Learning
    Provide quiet times and places for homework and reading so that your child can focus and achieve their best.
  • Practise skills
    Daily Home Reading, times tables, telling the time, etc 
  • Being on time 
    So that your child can set themselves up for learning and not miss key information.

Encourage Independence

  • It’s a child’s responsibility to complete their homework and hand it in a timely fashion.
  • Encourage children to ask questions and seek clarification for themselves.
  • If you need to send a note, please do so via the children rather than popping into the school office.
  • Allow children to face the consequences of their decisions.

Encourage the Best

  • Get involved  
    Children benefit greatly from engaging with a range of adults; VPA, trips, listening to readers, clubs, etc  are a great way to join in (it can be any family member!).
  • Support us
    All of the school’s behaviour, homework and dress codes are in this planner: encourage and ensure your child meets them. 

Our Velmead Values

Using the seven Velmead Values, children at Velmead will grow into effective learners who achieve their best and work in a supportive way with everyone.


*Enjoy lessons so that you can boost your learning and confidence.
*Help others to enjoy school – spot people who are feeling sad.


*Encourage people – help them to learn from you.
*Be a good role model – show them the best way to behave.
*Be kind – respect other people’s rights and opinions.


*Listen carefully - make sure you try to do as asked every time.
*Try your best – aim for the next step in your learning.
*Celebrate successes – be proud of your hard work.
* Encourage others - celebrate their successes.

*Never give up – it might be hard, but it will be worth it!


*Help others who are in need - be friendly and kind to everyone.
*Value yourself and your ideas – don’t just follow your friends.


*Be someone that Teachers and other children can rely on – do what you say you are going to do.
*Be honest – if you have done the wrong thing, own up to it.


*Include yourself in every learning opportunity.
*Support others to join in group learning.
* Never leave someone out - ask people to join in your games.


*Speak to others in a respectful way, never raise your voice or use bad language.
*Listen to and learn from others’ ideas.
*Look after your property, that of others and the school.

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