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Year 3 Curriculum Information

Most information that you need to know about our school can be found in your child's Personal Planner which they bring home every night.  A Curriculum Subject Map and Guide is available for Year 3 below, giving you the topics covered in each subject. 
Click here for the National Curriculum.  The Maths Calculation Plolicy is available on the policies page. (4 Documents).

Year 3 Parent Guide

Year 3 Curriculum Map

Half Term / Subject Autumn One Autumn Two Spring One Spring Two Summer One Summer Two
English Focus : Stig of the Dump
  • Describe: Description of the dump /Stig
  • Diary Entry
  • Instructions – How to build a den
  • Entertain – Spaceman Stig
Entertain: Fables
Explain: Science related to light
Advise: Fairy-tale characters
Poetry: Fairy Tales
Focus: The Magic Faraway Tree
Inform : House for Sale
Describe: An imaginary Plant
Focus: The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me
Persuade: TV advert for new sweet
Entertain: Story about volcanic adventure
Reading week unit TBC
Inform: Report on Boudicca’s battle
Describe: Own character based on illustrator study
Maths Mental strategies
Number and Place Value
Addition and subtraction
Mental strategies Multiplication and division Mental strategies
Multiplication and division
Measures – money
Mental strategies
Measures – length and perimeter
Mental strategies
Mental strategies
Measures – mass and capacity
Science Skeleton in humans and animals Light and shadows Rocks and soils Plants Nutrition Forces and magnets
Computing General ICT skills
E –Safety
Movie Maker E-Safety
Scratch E-Safety Surveys
History Stone Age to the Iron Age         The Romans and Celts
Geography     Where am I?   Volcanoes and Earthquakes  
Art Drawing - Use different media to create different effects Clay – creating Diva lamps   Observational drawing
Artist study – Henri Rousseau
Drawing – Use of research to inspire design
Roman mosaic collage
DT   Levers and Linkages
Shadow Puppets
    Making healthy sandwiches  
RE Thankfulness
Christian and Jewish Harvest
The Symbol of Light and Diwali Creation Stories Choices linked to the Easter Story Christian and Jewish prayer Sacredness linked to Christianity and Hinduism
PHSE Settling in Focus on feelings Making friends Keeping safe in school In someone else’s shoes People and their work
PE Dance
Games - Football
Games - Football
Games – Qwicksticks Hockey
Games - Basketball
Games - Rounders
Games – Kwik Cricket
Music Human Body Sounds Poetry
French Greetings
Introducing Yourself
Numbers 0-12
French Christmas
Days of the Week
Numbers 11-31
Easter in France
Birthdays & Date
Body Parts
Project Homework   Be Safe Be Seen   Imaginary Plants   The Romans
Trips out / Visitors in Iron Age visitor     Wisley Gardens   TBC
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