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Little Canada 12th - 16th September 2022

Latest News from Little Canada 

Thursday Evening update
Message from Mr Mortimer:

Final evening: disco and reflections on an amazing week!
See you all tomorrow at 4.30pm.

Thursday 15th September

After an entertaining campfire last night, the activities continue at pace today. Everyone is putting in a great effort and enjoying so much success.
Mr Mortimer


Wednesday 14th September

Mr Mortimer says:

Quite a wet one yesterday but that didn't stop us getting stuck into all the activities... climbing, canoeing and a very muddy sensory trail! We also got to try out our fencing skills.

Quiet night with everyone getting some much needed sleep ahead of another action-packed day.

Tuesday 13th September

Following an energetic first day, we got back to our cabins after evening activities and had a good night's sleep... although there were a few sleepy faces at the breakfast table this morning!

Today sees a full day of activities with some of our groups heading out on the water.

Monday 12th September
12.15pm They have arrived safely. They are having lunch in the sunshine before having a quick tour of the site, then the activities begin.


Thursday 15th September

Wednesday 14th September

Tuesday 13th September

Monday 12th September

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