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Year 6 Home Learning Page

Update 20.4.20

We have created a suggested weekly timetable to help give a structure to home learning where required.

More details about tasks and activities can be found on the Year 6 page on DB Primary, accessed from your child's homepage.

Please ensure that your child visits this page when logging in to find more information relating to each subject before attepting the tasks set in the 'Things to Do' section.

You do not need to complete every task and some will take significantly longer than one session.

Kind regards,

The Year 6 TEAM

TEAM Year 6

Dear Parents & Students,

Following the closures of schools in the UK, we have had a meeting with our Year 6 students to answer any of their questions and try to alleviate any fears.

The first thing we would like to say is how proud we are of our Year 6 cohort – they have progressed so much since September both as learners and as people. They are an absolute pleasure to teach, support and build relationships with.

When we told the children that SATs wouldn’t be taking place, they were genuinely disappointed. This just shows how confident they now feel about their learning and how much they were looking forward to showcasing their talents. However, what we kept stressing to them is that the learning skills and behaviour for learning skills that they have developed will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives. The other key message that we highlighted with our students (and would appreciate your support with) is reminding them of our most important job – to ensure that they are ‘secondary ready’. More so than ever before, it is vital that the children maintain positive learning attitudes when it comes to their home learning. For their mental well-being, it is vital that they keep a structured approach to their lives. If possible, every day should contain some form of core learning, exercise and a creative activity. We have put a suggested list of resources at the bottom of this letter. The more time we are off for, the more information we will put on the school website, on the Year 6 page.

In speaking to our students, it was clear that most of their concerns came around the experiences they enjoy towards the end of their time with us as Velmead. Although we were unable to specify a timescale, we made them two promises:

There will be some form of Year 6 leavers’ get together / party with shirt signing etc.

We will organise leavers’ hoodies (more information to follow)

We would like to wish you all well in these difficult times – we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Home Learning


On ‘MyMaths’, we have set a series of assessment tasks, which will enable our students to practise and apply a range of their skills. These can be accessed at:  www.mymaths.co.uk

In addition, we have sent home the students’ ‘Target Maths’ books, which they can work their way through, focussing on areas that need practise. They can also practise times tables at: www.ttrockstars.com


For our Project Homework, we asked our students to complete tourism based research about a South American country. We were planning to complete a persuasive information poster / leaflet in school but we would now like this to be completed at home.

Students will need to consider:

A catchy title
Persuasive language choices
Sentence structures
Advanced punctuation
Relevant pictures


On ‘SPag.com’ we have set a series of tasks, which will enable our students to practise and apply a range of their skills. These can be accessed at: www.spag.com

In addition, we have sent home the students’ ‘CGP’ books, which they can work their way through, focussing on areas that need practise.

Students can continue to practise spellings using their planners and online at: www.spellingframe.co.uk


We would like students to continue to read regularly and this can still be recorded in their Planners.

In terms of practising Reading comprehension, we would like students to access: www.readtheory.org

SATs Revision Books

Any students who have ordered SATs revision guides can work through these books at their own pace.

SATs Past Papers

Blank versions of SATs papers, including mark schemes, are available for download at:


In school, we have completed the 2017, 2018 and 2019 papers. The other ‘new’ style test worth looking at would be 2016.

Creative Activities

It would also be great to have a creative approach to activities – can students learn a new skill? Cooking, sewing, drawing etc. Can you find a way to exercise inside the house? Can you use a Year 6 topic to create a family quiz? So many possibilities…

Please keep in touch with the Velmead website and Year 6 pupil page for further updates.

Mr Mortimer & The Year 6 TEAM 

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