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Extra Curricular Clubs

Spring Term 2022

This page will be updated as clubs begin this term.


Netball (Year 6)
Lunchtime with Mr Mortimer and Mr Fletcher starting 17th January to 28th March

Cross Country (Years 4, 5 and 6)
12.10 - 12.45pm with Mrs Dunwoody  Tuesday 18th January to 29th March

German Club (Years 5 and 6)
3.20 - 4.20pm  with Madame Worth   Tuesday 11th January to 29th March

Homework Club (Year 5 adn 6, by invitation only)
After School  with the Chestnuts TA Team -  11th January to 15th February

Cookery Club (Year 4 and 6 Only)
After School  with rs Fabre and Mrs Parratt - 1st February to 8th March


Petanque (all years)
Lunchtime with Mrs Linton - 5th January to 30th March

Velmead Voices (Years 4, 5 and 6)
3.20 - 4.20pm with Mrs White and Mrs Westhead  - Wednesday 12th January to 30th March 

Multi Skills (Year 4)
3.20 - 4.20pm with Mrs Viney and Mr Buckland - dates to be cofirmed in January


Chess and Connect 4 (all years)
Lunchtime with Mrs Vitelis and Mr Buckland - 27th January to 31st March


Football Club (Year 5 & 6 Girls)
12 - 12.45pm  with Mr Mortimer and Mr Fletcher -  14th January to 25th March

Books, Calligraphy and Literature (all years)
Lunchtime with Mrs Linton and Mrs Dickens - 28th January to 1st April

Drawing Club (Year 3 and 4)
Lunchtime with Miss Broad and Mrs Robertson - 29th January - 1st April

Football Club (Year 5 and 6 Boys)
3.20 - 4.30pm with Mr Mortimer and Mr Fletcher  - 4th February to 25th March

Sewing Club - Upper School  (Year 5 and 6) Outside provider
3.30 - 4.30 pm with Mrs Teresa Pytches - 14th January - Friday 18th February

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