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School Council

Each class has a boy and a girl representative on the School Council. The children are elected through a vote in their class. Engaging in this election process reinforces the children’s understanding of democracy. As Headteacher, I sit on the School Council as an equal member – I would only ever overrule the School Council on matters of Health and Safety.

The School Council meets in the hall every four weeks or so. The majority of what we discuss is drawn from verbal feedback to the School Councillors or ideas submitted by any of our children in the Ideas Box in each module. In addition, there are occasions where the School Council is consulted by myself or other members of staff about aspects of school improvement. All of the meetings have an agenda and minutes are taken and circulated; the Councillors use the minutes to feedback on School Council business to their class.  The latest minutes are available on the right of this page.

Recent ‘headline’ examples of the positive difference that the work of the School Council has made include: a wider range of school-led clubs, refurbishment of pupils’ toilets, a better system for managing pupil-led bake sales.

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