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School Uniform Policy

Sweatshirt jumper or cardigan Navy (with school badge)
Shirt Pale blue polo shirt (with school badge)


Skirt or pinafore (pleated or A-line)

Mid-Grey (standard school trousers,
no fashion items, leggings etc.)

Mid-Grey (knee length) – not light grey,
soft material.

Girls are permitted to wear trousers,
however, these must be proper
ailored trousers and not jersey,
ogging bottom style or tightly fitting.

Dress (summer) Pale blue and white checked
(knee length)

Black shoes (not trainers or boots).

Only flat shoes permissible
(max heel height 3cm/1½ in,
no platforms, ankle boots or
other boots).

White, navy or grey socks or tights.

(NB: Black school skirts or trousers are not permitted).

PE Kit

PE Kit should be in school every day (in case of timetable changes). All kit should be in a named drawstring bag.


Plain navy shorts (no logos)

Royal Blue polo shirt (plain or with school logo)

PE Polo Shirts (with logo and initials) can be ordered through the school. Alternatively, plain royal blue polos shirts can be purchased from a number of retailers.


Plain navy shorts

Royal Blue polo shirt (plain or with school logo)

Trainers, sports socks

In Winter: plain navy tracksuit bottoms and a Velmead hoodie / fleece may be worn.

No fashion items or items with logos are permitted for school PE, however, these items may be worn for sports clubs if preferred. 

Most items can be purchased from the Trutex School Link home shopping catalogue.

www.trutexdirect.com   Velmead Junior School Code: LEA00336PB

Trutex also have a catalogue to browse with for our School uniform, click here for the catalogue.

PE Uniform Order Forms 
Hoodies and Polo Shirts Order Forms are available on the Letters page under School Forms.

Second Hand Uniform
Second Hand Uniform with the Velmead logo can be purchased from the school.  Please download and use the order form below.

Please email your completed order to:  g.mack@velmead.hants.sch.uk 

To order Second Hand Uniform you can complete the form on the Letters page click here or email g.mack@velmead.hants.sch.uk

Dress Code

Children are expected to attend school each day wearing Velmead School uniform. They are not permitted to wear leisure or fashion clothes to school, including for PE.

Uniform Costs – Supporting our Families

Within the new Education (Guidance about Costs of School Uniforms) Act 2021 it states:

We strongly encourage schools to have a uniform as it can play a key role in:-

  • promoting the ethos of a school
  • providing a sense of belonging and identity
  • setting an appropriate tone for education

Here at Velmead we seek to find a balance between these three principles and the cost of living pressures on our families. With this in mind we have a well-established Second-Hand Uniform Scheme (details on our website) and regularly review the cost of uniform items with our suppliers.

Many parents choose to start their child’s journey with us with one or two uniform items featuring the school logo so that the children feel that sense of belonging and identity. These items are available from our current supplier TRUTEX (www.trutexdirect.com), or from our Second-Hand Uniform scheme. Other items can be purchased from places other than our current suppliers.

Please make sure all clothing and personal items are clearly marked with your child’s name, as they remain their own responsibility (including damage or loss).


All children must wear plain, black school shoes every day. If children wear boots to school in bad weather, they must bring their school shoes with them to change into.


All hair of shoulder length or longer must be tied back neatly for school. Hair accessories should be plain black or navy. No big bows or flowers please.

Art Apron

A large old shirt or T shirt should be kept in school for messy art activities.


As a general rule, no jewellery should be worn for school. If children are wearing items of jewellery when they arrive in school, they will be asked to remove them.

Watches: these may be worn, but remain the child’s responsibility. Please do not allow your child to wear a watch that may be a distraction from their learning.

Medic Alert: Children with serious medical conditions may wear Medic-Alert discs/bands with permission from the Headteacher.

Earrings: Children may wear plain studs, but must remove and replace them themselves and store them safely during PE activities. An exception can be made for the 6 weeks following piercing, providing parents take full responsibility and the earrings are taped. Children will not be permitted to wear more than one pair of earrings at a time, worn one in each ear.  (We suggest ears are pierced at the beginning of the summer holiday.)

Make-Up / Nail Varnish: these are not appropriate school wear for school activities; no type should be worn to school at any time. If make up or nail polish is worn, the child will be asked to remove it immediately.

Fashion accessories: such as bandanas, friendship bracelets, charity bands, oversized bows, hairbands with flowers etc are not part of the school uniform; they are not permitted in school.

Mufti Days

We ask that children dress sensibly for Mufti days, wearing school appropriate clothing and footwear. No jewellery, make-up or dyed hair is permitted.

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