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Extra Curricular Clubs

Summer Term 2022

Orchestra (Children who have Music Lessons only)
3.20pm - 4.20pm Orchestra with Mrs White

Upper School Cricket Club (Year 5 & 6)
3.20pm - 4.30pm run by Mr Howard. Begins on 9th May

Record Breakers (All Year Groups)

Lunchtime on the field with Mrs Dunwoody. Begins 10th May until 12th July 
German Club (Years 5 and 6)
3.20 - 4.20pm  with Madame Worth.  Begins 3rd May until 12th July

Homework Club (Year 5 and 6, by invitation only)
After School  with the TA Team Begins 26th April until 17th May

Cookery Club (Year 4 and 6 Only)
After School  with Mrs Fabre and Mrs Parratt 


Petanque (all years)
Lunchtime with Mrs Linton.  Begins 9th May

Choir (Years 4 and 6)
3.20 - 4.20pm with Mrs White and Mrs Westhead Begins 27th April until 29th June 


Chess and Connect 4 (all years)
Lunchtime with Mrs Vitelis and Mr Buckland Begins 28th April untl 26th May

Core Learning Group (Y5 By invitation only)
3.20 - 4.20pm Begins 5th May until 26th May


Books, Calligraphy and Literature (all years)
Lunchtime with Mrs Linton and Mrs Dickens Begins 29th April

Year 4 Football Club (Girls and Boys)
3.20 - 4.30pm with Mr Fletcher, starting on 29th April until 1st July 

Year 4 Boys Football Club (Year 4 )
3.20 - 4.30pm with Mr Mortimer and Mr Fletcher  Begins 29th April until 1st July

Sewing Club - Upper School  (Year 5 and 6) Outside provider
3.30 - 4.30 pm with Mrs Teresa Pytches 
29th April - 27th May (current group)
10th June - 22nd July (second group)

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