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Eco Rangers

Each class has two Eco-Rangers. The children are elected through a vote in their class. Engaging in this process reinforces the children’s understanding of democracy. As Headteacher, I sit on the Eco-Committee as an equal member – I would only ever overrule the committee on matters of Health and Safety.

The Eco-Committee meets in the hall every four weeks or so. The majority of what we discuss is drawn from verbal feedback to the Eco-Rangers. In addition, there are occasions where the Eco-Committee is consulted by myself or other members of staff about aspects of school improvement. All of the meetings have an agenda and minutes are taken and circulated; the Eco-Rangers use the minutes to feedback on Eco-Committee business to their class. The latest minutes are available on the right of this page. 

Recent ‘headline’ examples of the positive difference that the work of the Eco-Committee has made include: changes to the activities on the termly School Grounds Days, the planning and installation of the Platinum Jubilee Rose Garden, work to regenerate heather on our wet heathland, bulb planting.

End of Year Review: My Time on the Eco-Committee (2021-22)

A collation of the responses to the End of Year Review in July.



The three things that I have enjoyed most about being an Eco-ranger are:


  • I enjoyed helping the environment / helping nature
  • Forest School
  • Planting flowers, roses and the heather
  • Pond dipping
  • Bins for compost items – by the litter bins
  • Having discussions – listening to other people’s ideas
  • Weeding the Petanque area – making it ready for others to enjoy – not using chemicals to weed it
  • Hearing about the solar panels before other people

The one thing that I have not enjoyed much is:


  • Dead heading the daffodils
  • Missing fun lessons going o in my classroom at the time we were meeting

The best decisions / actions that the Eco-Committee have made this year include:


  • Planting the Rose Garden
  • Putting the compost bins near to the litter bins
  • Deciding with the School Council to put a bin in the Millennium Garden and one on the field
  • Planting heather on the Heathland
  • Planting the bee-friendly flowers
  • Clearing the Petanque area


I would recommend the role to others because …

  • They would make a big difference to the World
  • It is a fun job that allows you to reveal what you can really do
  • It is fun sharing ideas with other people

Use the space below to add in anything else about being and Eco-Ranger:

  • Being an Eco-Ranger also helps you to make new friends and enjoy nature
  • It is a fun job
  • It is like being a family of Eco-Warriors making Velmead green
  • It helps you get new ideas because you are listening to other people’s ideas
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